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There we were, Sitting on the park bench, my head on his lap his fingers running over my hair. Our best friend was there to, Drawing away in her sketchbook. Me, Once-Ler, and Morgan, a trio to remember. As Morgan was finishing up her drawing, a note fell onto her book. She looked at the note then at us. "Hey guys... Did you see where this came from?" she asked. "Uh... No, Did you see anything Oncie?" I replied. "Nope" He added. "OPEN IT!" We exclaimed. "Okay okay! Sheesh, calm down..." She opened the note and read aloud "You three have been selected, to go on a dangerous quest to find the glowing gold and the shimmering silver. If you choose to accept it, go home and find the maps we gave you. If you do not accept... A-Always watch your back..." We all stared at the note, frightened. "L-Lets accept it eh?" added Once-Ler nervously. "You read my mind!" Morgan and I replied. "We should get going. I bet they're watching." Morgan and Once-ler nodded in agreement and we set off. Me, Clutching Once-Ler's arm. Each one of us looking back every once in a while. For we all felt the burning tingle of being watched in our backs.
Featuring pokepark138 (Morgan)!

We three is technically a "The Lorax" Fanfic, but only features The Once-Ler, This is only the prolougue. so there may be more to come, Tell me what you think in a comment or critique below (:
Icestar007 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no offence...i feel left out. you, me, warden. you, me, hazelflame. you, me, oncie. you, me, pokepark138. i dont mean to sound like a snob, but you ALWAYS include me.
good story though! i liked it!:)
Emgoldey Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry, you're comin in in the next chapter, I had to put you in somewhere •u•
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November 24, 2012
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