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June 29, 2013
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Male!NepetaxReader: Teenagers.

They say that teenagers scare the living shit out of me

You were walking home from another day at that hell-hole society calls a SCHOOL. Ugh that place is so awful, From bullies to the prissy ass pink girls, All of them annoy the hell out of you.
But there was one other person in the middle with you, and He was just the most "purrfect" guy in the world, your best friend and flush crush, Nepeta. You sighed, knowing he'd never even dream about dating you.. Oh well, At least you're his friend.
You were snapped out of your thoughts by a loud bang across the street. You snap your head over to find a group of some teenage boys who just crashed their bikes into trash cans hi-fiving eachother and chuckling like idiots.
Teenagers man... Most idiotic of all ages, Sure you were a teenager but still..

They could care less as long as someone'll bleed

You had walked for a few blocks after meeting the stupid trash bike boys and you were reaching that really freaky alley... There is always someone there.. you walk a little faster as you near it, wanting to pass it as quickly as possible when you're hit in the back of the head with something round and solid.. a rock?
"ow..." you turn around to be face to face with a smirking guy, Pretty tall, a bit more that you and his hair was disgusting, his breath smelled like drugs and whetever shit he does.. Let's call him Dick.. "Hey ugly, whats up? Dick smirks wider and you frown, turning away from him. "Come on, Look at me." You stayed like you were in hopes he'd just leave, but that was a stupid idea!, Dick just slapped you 'cross the face.
That's when you hear a familiar, deepish, voice "HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!"

So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose

I was walking around town for a while trying to muster up the courage and well.. the words to try and tell (Name) How I felt. Why is love so com'purr'licated.? Oh well, I'll figure out something..
I keep walking for a few minutes and look up to see (Name) and some dude and... did the dude just... OH NO HE DID NOT JUST SLAP HER! "HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" I yelled out at him, Getting him to look up at me and drop (Name) "I'm takin' care of some bitch! Why? What're you gonna do about it?"
I Bared my teeth and came at him with a fist to the face, wow, even I didn't know I had as much 'paw'er as to make that cracking sound, indicating the breaking of his nose, wow..
He screamed and held his bloody nose. "YOU FUCKIG BASTNARD!" He yelled with the nasaly edge to his voice, (name) started laughing at this and.. well heck, so did I "You dow whad? Fug yall" He stormed away grumbling, leaving just me and (name), speaking of her, she just jumped on me in a hug, I blushed and she giggled "Oh my gosh Nep, thank you soo much back there! I don't know what I would've done without you!"
I chuckled a little and slowly reached my arms up to hug her back. "U-uh, of course (Name)!"

Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me!


You looked up at Nepeta, staring into his deep green eyes, his blush was he cutest thing! You smiled at him and pulled yourself away. you thought you saw him frown a little but ignored it, He looked kinda flustered so you let it be.
"So, (name)... Th-theres something I wanted to t-tell you.." His blush grew and you tilted your head a little to the side. "What is it Nep?" He took a deep breath and put his hands on your shoulders, he looked down and mumbled little things you didn't understand before her looked back at you.
"(Name).... You are the reason why I wake up in the morning, the only 'purr'son i can ever actually open up to and stuff, but the thing is, I hate that we're friends.." he paused for a few seconds, making you a bit worried,tears pricking at your eyes. That is until he started back up.
"I-I meant that... I hate we're JUST friends. (N-Name).. I love you.." You blushed a deep pink, a smile playing at your lips, you stood on your toes and surprised him with a kiss, he was shocked at first, but soon kissed you back, you both smiled into the kiss.
You continued with you kissus until you two had to part for air. "I love you too Nep" Nepeta smiled widely and wrapped you in a hug and just stood like that for a few minutes. but jumped up when a loud crash was heard a few feet away.
You both looked up towards the sound to see that same group of boys who have yet again crashed into some trash can. You chuckled and sighed, gesturing to Nepeta to just go ahead and walk. as you started off, Nepeta took your hand. You smiled and looked back to the boys who were chuckling and rolling around.
"Fucking teenagers."

Yep. This is shitty but I don't care :U I wrote it at 3:30 AM so stfu i love you though don't leave me<333 But yeah, I really thought Nepeta needed more love and for al you straight mofos I made her Male! #imbisexualbuthey Hehe anyways yep, Inspired by a My Chemical Romance song cause MCR is yes <: Hope y'all like it! ((THE LYRICS IN THIS ARE SO FUCKING TRUE)) Oh! and I forgot! I am taking requests! Any character any quadrant! I need some practice writing for a few characters so, I figured, "Hey let the people help :D" Heh, yup if you would like to make a request just like.. note me or something..

Nepeta- Hussie
You- Hussie
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